$100 OFF Ceramic Coating with a Paint Correction Detail in December

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June 10, 2019
Get Protection Against Corrosive Rock Salt, Deicing Chemicals, Grime & Brake Dust Build-up
August 27, 2019
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$100 OFF Ceramic Coating with a Paint Correction Detail in December


Put a Smile on Her Face This Holiday Season!

Snow, sleet, rain & ice will NOT stick but rolls off the paint surface to prevent water spots and streaks that dull your shine & damage your paint

Winter is notoriously brutal and dangerous on your vehicle’s exterior, but it doesn't have to be!

Winter road conditions demand treatments to keep them driveable but some of those treatments like rock salt, sand, and chemicals are like acid on your car paint!

Protective ceramic coatings have stepped up to be everything the car industry asked them to be ... and more!

All ceramic coatings have hydrophobic characteristics that repel dirt and water, causing it to bead-up on the surface so it can be easily and quickly whisked away without leaving streaks and water spots.

Coatings seal in the shine so there is less need for washing and no need for waxing and polishing at all. The coating leaves a squeaky clean, crystal clear high gloss surface that is easy to maintain - regardless of weather or the environment.

Galaxy Auto Detailing is an authorized installer of durable, long-lasting ceramic coatings! We have many options available in terms of price, longevity, and durability

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